Personal Growth

Enneagram Workshops

Do you desire to have a better understanding of yourself and the people you love around you? Have you ever wondered why you or the people you love behave a certain way? Part of the reason we all do what we do is because of our personality that begins developing from childhood. With better understanding, we can grow personally, creating healthy relationships with those around us.

Decluttering... For Your Health!

Most often, when we hear the word “decluttering” we tend to envision the scary, forgotten about corners in our home filled with bad gifts, decades old clothing, or old instruction manuals that we just know we will dearly need one day. On a day when we are feeling particularly brave, we may muster up the strength to clean out and categorize these forgotten items, only to find ourselves back in the same predicament in a matter of weeks. So if decluttering is a goal that continues to be important, why is it so hard to maintain?

Beauty in the Eye of This Beholder

Recently I visited "The Glamour and Romance of Oscar de la Renta" exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. I should start by saying that I have no fashion education, and I am quite certain this limits my ability to truly appreciate the art I witnessed. So, I ask those well versed in the world of fashion to please forgive my potentially amateur observations.

The Burden of Politics

Burdens. That’s what I see most of the time in my office – people carrying heavy burdens desperate to find rest and peace. This is my work, and what I have done for the past 10+ years is meet hurting people in their dark moments and support them to a place of strength. I’ve been doing this for over ten years, but I have to say that the last six months or so have been different.I’ve seen a new burden and have been hesitant to speak to it, and when I say what it is you’ll know exactly why I’ve been reluctant.

Knowing Your SELF

In all of my experience as a psychotherapist, I can honestly say that I have never encountered a client who was not wrestling with some aspect of intimacy. Intimacy means a deep knowledge, which facilitates understanding and connectedness. Whether the client’s presenting problem was focused on decision making regarding career development or coping with extreme trauma, each person I have worked with has had to explore their knowledge of and connection to self and others.

Ladies, Suit Yourselves

Do you have your suit yet? Swim season is nearly upon us. If you’re wanting to debut a new look at the beach or the pool this summer, then calendar your quest for the suit that best suits you before it’s time to sport it at the pool. You’re less likely to make a poor purchase decision if you’re not in a rush to find the suit just a few days before you need it. So take a breath, shop online for ideas first, have a plan, and get started before the Coppertone hits the shelves.