Enneagram Workshops

Do you desire to have a better understanding of yourself and the people you love around you? Have you ever wondered why you or the people you love behave a certain way? Part of the reason we all do what we do is because of our personality that begins developing from childhood. With better understanding, we can grow personally, creating healthy relationships with those around us.

8 Ways to Help Calm an Anxious Child

It can be hard to witness a child who is dealing with chronic anxiety; and, unfortunately, recent statistics indicate that the number of children experiencing anxiety and anxiety-related symptoms is on the rise. According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 4.4 million of children in the U.S. had a diagnosed anxiety disorder in 2012, which was an increase from previous years. While anxiety might show up differently in every child, there are similar ways that parents and caregivers can respond to help ease the symptoms. By utilizing the strategies below, the goal is not to “fix” the source of stress, rather show children healthier, alternative behaviors to cope with anxiety.

Decluttering... For Your Health!

Most often, when we hear the word “decluttering” we tend to envision the scary, forgotten about corners in our home filled with bad gifts, decades old clothing, or old instruction manuals that we just know we will dearly need one day. On a day when we are feeling particularly brave, we may muster up the strength to clean out and categorize these forgotten items, only to find ourselves back in the same predicament in a matter of weeks. So if decluttering is a goal that continues to be important, why is it so hard to maintain?


Every year, our group gathers to the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons – we call it “Thanksmas.” We get together in November because December is just too busy; and, as mental health professionals, we know better than to over schedule! 😉 These celebrations are always a highlight for me, and I was thinking about what makes them special…I’ve decided it’s the people. I am surrounded by good friends and colleagues for whom I have profound respect. Our conversations are generally funny (with plenty of dry humor) and thoughtful. We can talk about topics ranging from embarrassing Christmas memories to the #metoo movement, being vulnerable and intellectually stimulating simultaneously.

Introducing Mat Yelvington, MA Candidate

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Mat Yelvington, and I will be starting with Anthology Counseling and Wellness as a practicum student. It is strange to me to think of myself as a student because I have not been in school for almost two decades. It is also odd for me to think of myself as a counseling student because I have been doing unofficial counseling for these past 20 years as a minister, coach and teacher.