brittany senseman


masters in christian counseling

licensed professional counselor & supervisor

founder of anthology counseling and wellness

$160 per session

Brittany received her undergraduate degree in English and Psychology in 2003 and Master of Arts degree in Christian Counseling in 2005. Although it may seem like the English degree doesn’t exactly fit with her focus on psychology, she has always felt that people have stories to tell and that she just gets to play a small part in them for a while.

In 2007 Brittany became a licensed professional counselor and has always had a general practice of seeing individuals and couples of all ages and stages of life. She prefers having a broad practice instead of specializing in one population because she believe it makes her a more complete therapist.

After nearly 10 years of therapy experience, she completed training as a licensed professional counselor supervisor in 2014 to give back to the counseling community and invest in the next generation of counselors. She is able to provide off-site supervision to interns working in another practice setting.

Her therapeutic style is engaging, understanding, and direct, focusing on the root of the problem rather than merely addressing symptoms. However, she believes it is appropriate to coach clients on management techniques when the symptoms are preventing further progress. Working with mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, ADHD, post traumatic stress disorders, grief, divorce, marital concerns and just generally feeling “stuck” are all issues she has experience in dealing with.

She thoroughly enjoys her work and the chance it offers her to positively make an impact on people in a real and lasting way.

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